Cartomancy systems

The following systems are recommended for working with Lenormand cards: Daily, weekly, or monthly consultationTo identify the main theme of a predetermined period of time, one card is drawn from the entire deck.

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Past, present and future

By drawing three cards, the temporal development aspects of a situation is illuminated.

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The Cross

A simple basic system, in which four cards have the following meanings:

3. Right way
1. Theme
2. Wrong way
4. Destination

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To illustrate possible ways of a certain situation could go, seven cards are drawn:
  • The cards 3, 1 and 5 indicate future development; if an answer is desirable, take the corresponding path.
  • The 7th card gives information about the main influence or theme of the matter.
  • The cards 4, 2 and 6 point to what will happen if the question is answered negatively or not at all.
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Grand Tableau

For this purpose, all 36 cards are laid out in four rows. You can also lay out a 4x8 grid of cards and place the last four cards in the center of the bottom row. In these pages the latter system is used.

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