Your Lenormand reading: Past, present, future

You drew these three cards:


Lenormand card Coffin


Lenormand card Ring


Lenormand card Letter

Lenormand card CoffinThe first card drawn shows the present

1. Current situation:

Your card: Coffin

Disease. Farewell. Letting go. Standing still. As well: Finances grow. Profit. Someone has to rely on you to succeed. An official comes into play. Spiritual growth caused by suffering.

Natural end of a relationship. A new relationship is waiting. Protect yourself from bad energy. Quit current matters. Draw conclusions. Need a break. Hospital visit. It is a good time to bring something to an end
Lenormand card Ring How you will reach your destination is the second card information

2. Right way:

Your card: Ring

Connection. Partnership. Marriage. Contracts. Agreements. Someone or something moves in circles. Cyclic. Representation. As well: Liabilities. Steadiness. Duty. Security. Repetition.

Stabilize your connections. A strong bond between two people. Staying together out of obligation for the sake of love. Establish a basis before you go on. Inspire others with your ideas. Make connections. Don't gamble with something. If a cycle is not interrupted, it can continue forever. Change the pattern and an event will occur
Lenormand card Letter Where this way is leading to, indicates the third card

3. Future and destination:

Your card: Letter

Call. E-mail. Superficiality. As well: News. Rebound. A blockage. Something is on its way. Stagnation. Frustration.

Love letter. Letter about friendship. Receiving a positive message. Non-binding. Waiting for very personal message. Be more thorough. E-mails. Answering bills and official correspondence. Finding the proverbial hair in the soup. Watch all messages closely today. Don't be too superficial. Focus more on concentration. Don’t let yourself get distracted