Your Lenormand reading - The Cross

You put these four cards:

3. Right way:
Lenormand card Cross
1. Theme:
Lenormand card Mice
2. Wrong way:
Lenormand card Star
4. Destination:
Lenormand card Bear

Lenormand card MiceThe first card describes the starting position. .

1. Theme:

Your card: Mice

Something gnaws at conscience. Theft. Slow decrease. Defeat. Failure. As well: Hard work. A dispute. Spiritual / occult learning. Studies. Hope will not be realized.

You are running out of time. Loss of sorrows. Promises are not met. Loss of relationships. Be careful. Pay attention to small signs. Happiness is threatened. Solve your problem systematically. Act quickly. Remain alert. Take more time to be compassionate. Nervousness. Stay true
Lenormand card StarWhat to avoid and what's the wrong way? This tells the second card.

2. Wrong way:

Your card: Star

Inspiration. Spirituality. Knowledge. Great happiness. As well: Attraction. A karmic relationship. A brother or friend. Love story.

Dreaming of someone or longing for someone. Fulfilled love. Someone under a lucky star. Unrealistic expectation. Addiction. Listen to your inner voice and you will be successful. Recognition. Camping or hiking in the wild. Don't lose touch with reality. Avoiding stress and getting enough sleep. Don't daydream too much. Take care. Take advantage of this lucky period and achieve good results. Change things if you can
Lenormand card CrossThe third card shows the right direction. This is what you can do.

3. Right way:

Your card: Cross

Burden. Karma. Salvation. Something is unavoidable. Key event. As well: Taking initiative. Taking responsibility. Educate yourself.

Partner for life. Being there for each other. Silent suffering. Unrequited love. Partnership is put to the test. Sacrifice yourself for the common good. Religious attitudes. Action. Accept upcoming tasks. Listen to well-meaning advice. Doing things carefully
Lenormand card BearThe fourth card shows a solution on how to get there.

4. Destination:

Your card: Bear

Personal card. Boss. Stubbornness. Older or official person. Strength. Power. Possession. As well: Luck. Progress in work. Find an agreement.

A father figure. A protector. A sober person. Presumptuous. Intimidating. Rival. Ex-husband. A coach. Trust someone. Body-builder. Be assertive. Trust yourself. Avoid people who envy your luck. Aggressive. Mobbing