Your Lenormand reading - The Cross

You put these four cards:

3. Right way:
Lenormand card Rider
1. Theme:
Lenormand card Moon
2. Wrong way:
Lenormand card Fish
4. Destination:
Lenormand card Snake

Lenormand card MoonThe first card describes the starting position. .

1. Theme:

Your card: Moon

Mirror of the soul. Emotional needs. Intuition. Fame and honor or social recognition. As well: Requited love and feelings of admiration. Conflicting emotions. Satisfaction.

Romantic fantasies. Daydreaming about love. You can't handle too much closeness. Relationship with deep feelings. Take things easy for a while. Step back. Pay more attention to feelings of others and your own feelings. Night shift. Look after your nerves. Don't work too hard
Lenormand card FishWhat to avoid and what's the wrong way? This tells the second card.

2. Wrong way:

Your card: Fish

Finances. Subconscious forces. Mental balance. Drug addiction. As well: A mature man. Restless and nervous. Deep emotions. Influenced by money.

Relationship with a soul mate. Lucrative connection. Avoid emotional outbursts. Love of possessions. Listen to your inner voice. Check your financial affairs; you may have overlooked something. Alcohol in moderation is necessary. Entrepreneurship. Follow your intuition. Good earning potential
Lenormand card RiderThe third card shows the right direction. This is what you can do.

3. Right way:

Your card: Rider

Personal card. Transportation. Good message. Something will be moved. New beginning. Bad cards will be softened, good cards strengthened. As well: Fulfilled desires. Success. Victory. A dream come true. Self-esteem. Nice surprise.

Someone new will come into your life. Old passion is rekindled. Lack of engagement. Bad messages. Decisions instead of reactions. Sometimes arrogant. You will receive a delivery or registered mail. Act quickly. Take your chance. Love for details. Too many projects. You can't finish everything you have started. Don't move too fast
Lenormand card SnakeThe fourth card shows a solution on how to get there.

4. Destination:

Your card: Snake

Personal card. Entanglements. Deceit. Intelligence. Seduction.. As well: An intelligent woman. Someone who likes activity. Good judgement. Happy to be included.

Someone who likes to seduce others. Someone who pursues their objectives. Warning against female rival. Someone selfish. An enemy. Funded by a wise woman. Keep a clear head. Do it prudently. Think twice before you act