The Reading

Lenormand reading is a method of self-analysis and helps you to make decisions. Through the placement of the Lenormand cards you get in contact with your inner voice and intuition. The images of the Lenormand cards then reflect possible life experiences or emotions.

You'll get a symbolic response to your concerns. Yes or no questions are unsuitable for working with Lenormand cards. If you have consulted the cards about something already, you should wait a few months before you ask them again about the same subject.

When interpreting the cards, you should use a mixture of logic and intuition. Always take note of the combinations and connections!

First look at the big picture. The impact of a negative card can be reduced by a positive. Positive cards can also be weakened by corresponding negative cards. Cards can also cancel each other out. Sometimes the interpretation suggestions are contradictory. In that case, look at the neighboring cards. They can provide further indication of what is meant.

It is important to remember that the cards stand symbolically for something. The symbolism can also apply to the position of the card. For instance, when the Coffin is in the house of the Fish, this is probably a warning that your finances are at risk.

What do you do when you get a very negative card placement? Negative cards are often warnings. Then choose a path in life which reduces a risk. For example, if you see a combination that predicts poor health, stop smoking, or refrain from whatever might damage your health. If you have the feeling that the spread is completely inappropriate for you, start a new one.

The more honest you are with yourself, the more you will gain from reading the cards.

Grand Tableau

When you put the Grand Tableau, look first where the Woman or the Man is. If you are a woman, then the Woman represents you. If you're a man, then the Man represents you. Do you have a Queen or King of Hearts? If so, these are represented respectively by the other Woman or Man.

If you need a temporal interpretation, then everything in the line of sight of the Woman or Man indicates the future. What lies in behind them represents the past.

What lies between these two main cards indicates your current state.

The main and personal cards Lenormand cards often represent actual people--perhaps colleagues, friends, or relatives. The following cards can be used as personal cards:
  • Rider - Brother
  • Fox - Cunning, deceitful man
  • Child – Your own child (until puberty)
  • Dog - Friend or good colleague
  • Bouquet - Nice woman, sister
  • Bear - Father, father figure
  • Snake – Mother, mother figure
  • Mountain - Supervisor
  • Tower - Selfish man

Central cards

The cards in house Oriole (12), Child (13), Park (20), and Mountain (21) are the central cards of the Grand Tableau. In this example these are the Coffin, Tower, Book and Ship.

Lenormand Central Cards

Main theme

The main theme is represented through the cards at each of the four corners. They are in the house of Rider (1), Coffin (8), Moon (25) and Ring (32). For example the cards here are the Sun, Fish, Clouds and Snake.

Lenormand Main Theme

Cards of fate

The last four cards you will find in the house of Key (33), Fish (34), Anchor (35), and Cross (36). These are the Oriole, Tree, Dog and Fox. They predict the future and apply to the next 8-12 weeks.

Lenormand Cards of fate

Your task

The cards in the houses of the Star (16) and Cross (36) point to your task. In this example, these are the Woman and Fox.

Lenormand Task

Predicting the future

If you are a woman, using this example:
  • The cards above you say something about your current state of being, what moves you, and what is occupying your thoughts. In this example: Fish
  • The cards in a horizontal line of sight to the left of you indicate the events of the next six months. Here: Scythe, Anchor, Tower, Coffin, Cross, Whip, and Key
  • The cards beneath the Woman and diagonally to the top left represent the near future. In this case: Man, Clouds, and Clover
  • The cards diagonally to the left and under the Woman signify the more distant future, up to one year ahead. In this example: Way, House and Dog
If you are a man:
  • The cards above you tell something about your state of being, what moves you and what is occupying your thoughts.
  • The cards in a horizontal line of sight to the right of you indicate the events of the next six months.
  • The cards beneath the Man and diagonally to the top right represent the near future.
  • The cards diagonally to the right and under the Man signify the more distant future, up to one year ahead.

Lenormand future